Devon L., 2014 Audi S4, 2014 Lexus IS350-F:

“When I picked up a new ’14 IS350 F the paint was in fairly good condition from the dealership, they had prepped it decently when it was brought in but you could still see a few areas where some swirl marks had occurred and I also wanted to ensure the paint had a good protective coating on it. Pinnacle Auto was recommended to me so I reached out and inquired about having the car detailed and sealed with CQuartz. Mike was willing to detail it at my office, unfortunately there was no easy spot to do it there, so he came to my house on a weekend and set to work. Needless to say, the car looked phenomenal. I was blown away when he was finished.

Now when I picked up a new S4 a few months later, the paint was in rough shape from any salesman in the showroom hitting it with whichever rag they could find. Swirl marks everywhere, it was a mess. I gave Mike a call again and brought the car to his garage. After a full day of work on the car it was looking impeccable – how it should have left Audi looking. Whether it’s a Ferrari, Audi or anything else that needs detailing, Mike’s attention to detail is astounding. If you’re in Connecticut, or anywhere in the New England area and are in need of a detailer I’d completely recommend Mike at Pinnacle Auto Detail, his work is top notch, prices are fantastic and he was always responsive when setting up a time to detail either of my cars. Whenever another vehicle does happen to come into the picture, it’ll be off to Mike for a proper detailing.”



Benjamin R, 2004 Mazda RX-8 :

“Mike came over to detail my wife’s car as a last minute surprise gift. He spent 6 hours in 90 degree heat making her RX-8 shine like new. He continued working even as it got dark to ensure the job was completed to his high standards. He was very professional, courteous, and answered my questions with the confidence that spoke to his many years of experience. His price wasn’t cheap, but great quality work never is – you get what you pay for! He even restored the RX-8’d headlights and guaranteed them for a year, saying he would do them again for free if they got cloudy again in that time. Mike is a professional that stands behind his work. Hire him and you won’t be disappointed.”



Mike F, 2012 Subaru Legacy Limited:

“Mike has detailed several cars for my family and I. Each time the car looks like it’s brand new both inside and out. He is very knowledgeable and professional, and does great work. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.”