2003 Jaguar X-Type interior detail


The car pictured is a 2003 Jaguar X-Type with a light beige interior. The car was bought used around 2006 and had been driven all of these years without being detailed, hence the extensive soiling. The owner intended to keep this car for years to come (it’s fuel efficient and a comfortable commuter) so a serious cleaning was in order. The interior cleaning process was as follows:

-Remove mats, vacuum and dry brush carpets

-Vac carpets again, lightly brush all cracks and crevices with DI boar’s hair brush, vac loosened debris

-Spray hard surfaces liberally with Optimum Power Clean 3:1 dilution ratio, agitate with DI horse hair upholstery brush & boar’s hair brush for cracks, vents etc.

– Rinse APC and loosened dirt w/microfibers and plenty of clean water

-Special care was taken not avoid over-saturating carpets with APC and water, hence the extensive dry brushing and vacuuming done first

-Clean windows w/Megs D120 and MFs

-Protect hard surfaces w/ 1Z Cockpit Premium

-Protect & condition leather w/Leather Masters Vital + Protection Cream

-Headliner cleaned w/slightly damp MF & 10:1 OPC -Final vac


Before pics:


Test spot of the cleaning process on the center console lid: IMG_1215IMG_1216


After: The dark marks on the steering wheel are actually not dirt; they’re where the owner’s wedding ring wore completely through the leather after years of abrasion. IMG_1219IMG_0014IMG_0015IMG_0019IMG_0020IMG_1229IMG_1234IMG_1239IMG_1220IMG_1221IMG_1223