2011 BMW M3 one step correction


The owner of this 2011 BMW M3 contacted me in hopes of improving the appearance of his vehicle’s paint in direct sunlight. Upon inspection it was evident that the car had been polished incorrectly with a rotary buffer, leaving swirl marks over every panel, in addition to moderate to heavy marring from improper washes. Despite being white, a color which typically masks such defects, the damage was still very apparent in any sort of direct lighting (sunlight, fluorescents, etc) and caused a dull appearance even when the paint was clean and waxed. Before: Here the car was clean and freshly waxed by the owner, but it lacked the deep, wet shine of corrected paintwork:   DSC00396DSC00399DSC00400Under LED lighting the damage to the paint was easily detected: DSC00420DSC00422DSC00423DSC00426DSC00428DSC00430DSC00431DSC00437DSC00439DSC00441DSC00453




After a wash and clay bar decontamination, different polishing approaches were tested until a satisfactory result of 80% correction was achieved with the Rupes 21 & 75E polishers along with Lake Country black pads and HD Polish.

After: DSC00492DSC00493DSC00496DSC00498DSC00499DSC00502DSC00504DSC00511DSC00514DSC00517DSC00518DSC00523DSC00530DSC00535DSC00536DSC00541DSC00542DSC00545DSC00547DSC00549DSC00551DSC00553DSC00563DSC00565DSC00610