07 Honda CR-V paint correction & interior


  This 2007 Honda CR-V in Nighthawk Blue Pearl was brought to me for a two-step paint correction process and interior detail as a gift from father to son during the holiday season. This particular color of Honda paint is known for being very difficult to polish properly due to its softness. Unfortunately the CR-V had seen its fair share of automatic car washes, random scratches and other moderate damage, as such the paint hardly showed any sign of metallic flake and looked quite lifeless. The interior was also in dire need of a cleaning.

  Before: DSC06029

DSC06032DSC06036DSC06037DSC06039The chrome wheels were stained from months of accumulated brake dust: DSC06031The interior carpets showed plenty of embedded dirt and the seats were heavily soiled: DSC06047DSC06050DSC06046DSC06052DSC06054DSC06059DSC06064DSC06070A closeup of the grime that coated the seats: DSC06070


A test of the cleaning process involving the use of steam, Optimum Power Clean & a horse hair brush yielded this result:

DSC06106This process would be repeated over the entire interior, followed by application of 1Z Cockpit Premium to provide UV protection with a matte finish. For the exterior a correction rate of approximately 90% was decided upon given the age of the vehicle and its daily use. The Rupes 21 and 75E polishers were used to compound the paint with Optimum microfiber cutting pads and Meguiar’s M205. Lake Country black finishing pads and M205 were then used to burnish the paintwork to a brilliant shine, following this Optimum’s Optiseal was applied for a glossy look and months of protection. A test area of the paint correction process displayed impressive results: DSC06153